Optional Products & Services for Homeowners

We want you to get the most out of your solar array. Here are some great add-ons that any homeowner with solar can make use of.

Solar Panel Array Cleaning

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  • Get Your Panels Sparkling Clean
  • Remove Grime & Residue
  • Boost Solar Performance
  • Improve Array Aesthetics

Critter Guard Installation

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  • Protect Your Solar Array
  • Prevent Birds or Pests from Nesting
  • Block Animals & Wind-Blown Debris
  • Keep Wiring & Components Extra-Secure

Removal & Reinstall for Re-Roofing

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  • Need A New Roof Under Your Solar?
  • Professional Removal & Reinstall
  • Maintain Manufacturer Warranties
  • Protect Your Investment

Newest Product: Sense

Sense Home Energy Monitoring

  • Monitor Your Home Energy Usage
  • Find Power Hogs in your Home and Conserve Electricity
  • See Your Clean Energy Consumption in Real Time

Wireless Communication for Monitoring

Zigbee Installation

  • Keep Your Solar Monitoring Active
  • Connect to Existing WiFi

Cell Modem Kit Installation

  • Keep Your Solar Monitoring Active
  • Connect to Cellular Network