With ESP as your trusted installation partner

We help you get the most out of your personal power plant.

Performance Guarantee

Every ESP Service plan includes a monthly remote health check to make sure your system is fully functional. We will detect any issue within 30 days, or we'll pay for actual lost production until it's fixed.


Alerts & Scheduled Service

We provide regular solar monitoring reports from our service team. If anything needs to be fixed or any services performed, we make it easy to schedule a technician for an on-site visit.

Priority Support

As a subscriber to one of our Service plans, you'll receive prioritized customer support. Jump the line and get taken care of faster.


"We leave everyone better than
we found them."

- Gary Gietz, CEO of ESP

ESP handles every stage of the
install and warranty process


From site surveys to final inspection, our dedicated team will manage your solar panel project every step of the way. If anything is not meeting your expectations along the way, please let us know ASAP - we want to make it right!

long-term support

ESP provides a long-term workmanship guarantee, and with one of our Service plans you'll get priority support as well as access to a range of other services. Check out our subscriptions to see which plan fits you best.

Consistent Homeowner Communication


Homeowners in California love us.