How To Stand Out Among the Solar Competition

At Energy Service Partners, our goal is to partner with solar sales reps who understand the importance of helping homeowners find the very best panels for their home. As your trusted installation experts, we know how hard you work to close more deals and outwork the competition. Market saturation can be the biggest hindrance to increasing your sales numbers. Let’s look at a few ways you can stand out among your competitors.

Know Your Audience

One of the first things you’ll learn when doing sales is that you have to “know your audience.” When it comes to solar, you’ll be meeting with homeowners who are looking to transition to clean, green energy and run their home using the sun for the foreseeable future. However, each homeowner will be different, with some ready to move forward with the project, while others are still weighing their options. By knowing what each homeowner is after, you can design your pitch to fit their needs.

This includes knowing all you can about current solar technology, installation timelines, activation, and more. When you’re able to answer any homeowner’s question, you can instill confidence in them that you’re the right person to choose. Once you close the deal, you can count on us to handle the installation in a timely and professional manner.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communication is key in sales. From knowing when to talk and when to listen, to understanding how to convey complex information in a simple way, it’s all part of a good working relationship between salesperson and consumer. It’s important to keep the customer’s interests and needs as top priorities. Don’t lose sight of what they want and how you can help them – you’re not selling a product, you’re solving their problem.

From the initial call to the presentation meeting to the follow-up, be ready to answer questions and communicate information as timely and as effectively as possible. You’ll encounter customers who want the numbers as soon as possible, and some who want to mull it over for a while. Be honest and upfront – solar is great for nearly everyone. You don’t need to use any tricks or tactics, because when they see the presentation done right, a savvy consumer will make the obvious choice.

Don’t Be Late

After you’ve set up an appointment with a potential customer, make sure you’re on time. With the Quativa app, you can set up schedules and reminders for yourself and your entire team so that they’re never late for a sales meeting or consultation. Salespeople who are late can create an uphill battle for themselves, as the homeowner has likely already formed a negative impression of the rep. You never want to have to start a relationship with an apology!

Going back to communication, if there’s some reason you can’t keep the appointment, make sure to let the homeowner know as soon as possible. It’s important to do everything in your power to keep the appointment, since being punctual can be taken as a good sign of your dedication to working with and helping the customer.

Clear and Concise Quotes

Many people, when dealing with salespersons, automatically think that the quote they get doesn’t actually reflect the actual final price. There can be an automatic distrust, as the customer thinks there will be hidden fees and upcharges as the process moves forward. As a solar sales rep, it’s your job to provide a clear and concise quote so that each customer knows exactly what they’ll be paying for their panels.

With ESP and Quativa, you can walk through each step of the process with the homeowner, discussing design, layout, financing, and more. Once you’re ready to provide a quote, the customer will know everything that goes into their solar panel project and that you took the time to explain everything in simple, defined terms.

Find More Solar Success

If you want to find more solar success and outwork your competition, contact ESP today. We’ll help you become an authorized dealer in California, and you’ll gain access to Quativa and other beneficial tools that can increase your monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales numbers.

We look forward to working with you!