Benefits of Replacing a Client’s Roof When They Go Solar

Turning a Negative Into a Positive

Most homeowners dread replacing their roof. It’s a huge, unexpected new expense, and one that many families haven’t accounted for in their budget. Whether you’ve sold solar for many years or you’re just getting started, selling a roof replacement alongside a solar project can be intimidating.

You may have faced some variation of the following scenario: you’re in the home stretch of the sale; the homeowner is thrilled about their solar installation and the money they’ll be saving; but right when you’re getting ready to close the deal, you notice their roof looks like an asphalt punching bag. It becomes clear that the homeowner’s roof will need to be replaced within the next ten years. At first glance, this might feel like bad news. Suddenly you’re dealing with a much bigger price tag, and you’re selling a much bigger project than the one you first discussed with the homeowner.

Some sales partners might view this moment as an obstacle. You might assume you’re facing a much harder sale. You’re not! According to EnergySage’s 2020 industry survey, 14% of solar installations include a roof replacement. Replacing a homeowner’s roof is actually incredibly common and presents a unique sales opportunity.

Roof Replacements Are a Sales Opportunity

We compiled a list of talking points to emphasize when it’s clear a potential client will need their roof replaced. These are a few of the most noteworthy benefits of replacing a homeowner’s roof along with their solar installation:


More Follow-Through from Clients

It might seem counterintuitive, but clients who replace their roof are much more likely to follow through with their solar installation than other clients. Since their solar project is now a home renovation, the homeowner is more invested in the project.

What’s more, these homeowners are often some of the most satisfied customers. Because of the value and quality of the roof replacements that ESP offers, they tend to be some of the most vocal advocates for ESP, recommending our services to their friends and family.


They Can Get Much Better Financing Rates on their Roof

According to NerdWallet, many homeowners use a personal loan to finance their roof replacement. Interest rates for personal loans vary from 6% all the way to 36% depending on the borrower’s credit score, according to that article. According to ESP’s in-house roofing expert Jeremiah Blackburn, most homeowners financing a new roof on its own can expect to pay significantly more interest.

Blackburn described the benefits of combining a roof with a solar project, saying, “You can use the solar financing we have available. You can get it as low as 0.99% interest. Nobody out there has that on a roof. If you want a roof financed, you’re going to pay more for the roof [itself], and it’s going to be 7-10% interest.”

One way your client can avoid paying higher interest rates on personal loans is by tying the financing of their roof replacement to their solar financing. When they go solar, they benefit from financing options that aren’t available for home renovations on their own.


The Roof Itself Might Be Cheaper

While some homeowners might have a “roof guy” or a contractor they trust, replacing their roof with ESP will likely save them money. When individual homeowners seek out a roofing company on their own, they’re charged a markup. Our dedicated roofing team has a longstanding relationship with our contractors, which allows us to provide the replacements at a low cost.


Improves a Home’s Property Value

A Berkeley Lab study found that installing solar panels raised a house’s property value, on average by $15,000. A roof replacement increases the house’s property value even further. Not only does it improve a home’s curb appeal, which influences property value, but it also improves energy efficiency within the house by lowering the surface temperature of your roof. In warm climates, this means less money to cool the house in the summer. According to Blackburn, replacing a roof can also “future-proof” against unexpected issues with homeowner’s insurance, as some policies require homeowners to replace the roof more often than is necessary.

VisExterior cites a statistic from Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 report, which asserts that replacing a roof adds roughly $14,000 to a home’s value. That means that by installing solar and replacing their roof, a homeowner could add tens of thousands of dollars to their home value with one project.

Better Rates, Impeccable Quality, and Single Touch Quotes

Our own dedicated roofing department makes us unique among solar installers. Headed by Blackburn, who has been working in the roofing business for 15 years, we provide a personalized response to our homeowner’s roofing needs. Homeowners benefit from the low rates of a large company, while enjoying attentive, personalized service that most customers would expect from a much smaller operation. And best of all, ESP makes it extremely easy to get a roofing bid without the typical back-and-forth associated with subcontracting. Sales reps and homeowners can receive an accurate quote after the first meeting and assessment, speeding up the process and boosting confidence all around.

Since nearly 1 in 6 solar installations will include a roof replacement, these selling points are worth revisiting. Replacing a roof with ESP is a unique opportunity for homeowners and one worth highlighting. They’ll enjoy the great financing, a low cost for the overall project, and they’ll benefit from the experience of ESP’s dedicated roofing team. 

As always, if you’re selling solar and want to partner with a great installer, schedule a call with us today!